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Our president, Brad Handel, boasts over 35 years of business experience. Initially, he worked as an electrical and general contractor for three decades before establishing and launching North America's first surplus electrical Industry multivendor marketplace. It was during this time that he delved into utilizing various AI-powered marketing softwares and tools.

Experience holds significant value, especially when it comes to tasks like e-commerce development and crafting marketing materials for specific industries. With a plethora of marketing agencies available, finding one that can produce content tailored to resonate with your customers can be quite challenging.

What distinguishes us from the rest is not only our extensive experience in surplus and construction-related sectors but also our creative expertise and deep industry knowledge. We have a wide network within surplus circles across North America and understand the current business challenges. While marketing is essential, achieving tangible results often feels like an uphill battle.

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With over 5 years of experience, we specialize in crafting exceptional Magento 2 multivendor marketplaces. Our services include selling our template, offering setup support, and providing training to jumpstart your project promptly. If you simply require a website for your business, count on our vast industry expertise to meet your needs efficiently and affordably.

Drawing on 20 years of social media marketing experience and utilizing advanced AI-driven marketing tools, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver concrete results for you.

The potential of newsletters and CRM systems is often underestimated. By leveraging our extensive experience with Mailchimp, a cost-effective business tool, we can assist you in engaging customers, promoting new products and services, and keeping them updated on your business activities.

Moreover, we boast a diverse collection of premium surplus and wholesale domain names to complement many of our website and e-commerce solutions, offering you a wide array of options to choose from.

With over 5 years of experience building the surplus electrical Magento 2 multivendor marketplace business platform template we sell today you know you’re getting a robust tried tested solution. This template not only managed other industry sellers online but our own online and warehouse sales as well. It is capable of managing unlimited sellers, products, and locations. It seamlessly manages your business front to back as well as those of your sellers if you offer them all available features. Inventory control, multichannel selling and sales staff tracking are just a few of the key features.

If you require a single vendor sales site we can do that for you as well. We have the expertise to connect you with everything needed for the design and implementation of whatever required. We have years of experience in both the surplus and electrical industries and understand exactly what is required.

Maybe you’re just looking for a website to market your contracting or surplus business? Whatever requirements you have we are certain you will not find anyone else that understands exactly what you need, experience does matter!

Our services in this space start at just $399.00, experience does matter saving you time and money!

Marketing is one of those things you can spend unlimited amounts of money on. Over the years god knows we have spent more than our fair share on marketing. The honest truth is there are a lot of buinesses that will tell you their system is the best. We have tried many, but the reality is direct target marketing is the most effective. This can be accomplished without spending a lot of money, but it does require time which is a valuable commodity most business owners don’t have.

The single biggest challenge is finding someone to do this work that understands your industry, they are pretty much non existent, and without you pretty much doing most of the work yourself are less than effective. Even if it’s just great adds you need developed and sent via email or in a folder you can access any time we can look after these simple tasks for you.

We have an extensive pre developed network for both surplus and electrical industries on social media channels and are developing more all the time. Want to own some of these resources? We have hundreds of surplus domains we are selling for every industry imaginable and include many pre developed marketing resources with your purchase.

Our tagline is Industry Experience Matters! We all know this to be a true statement, but often settle for less. Recieve more content that resonates with your clients and save money with us!

Many businesses underestimate the importance of data mining and the impact of well-crafted newsletters as a potent sales tool.

Here's why newsletters are valuable:

  • They establish a direct channel of communication with customers, fostering regular engagement.
  • By offering valuable content, promotions, and updates, you can cultivate trust and loyalty among your audience.
  • A carefully constructed newsletter not only keeps customers informed but also boosts sales by presenting your products or services attractively.

With the right strategy, your newsletter can evolve into a robust marketing tool that enhances customer connections and drives business growth.

Finding someone who can create industry-specific content is nearly impossible. Employing a full-time marketing professional and training them to produce relevant content for your clients can be a costly endeavor.

Our tagline is Industry Experience Matters! We all know this to be a true statement, but often settle for less. Recieve more content that resonates with your clients and save money with us!

Choosing the perfect domain name for your business is like selecting the ideal storefront location in the physical world. It's the first impression you make on potential customers, and it can significantly impact your brand's success. With our portfolio of surplus and wholesale domain names, you have the opportunity to expand your online presence and differentiate your various business offerings effectively.

Picture this: each domain name you own is like a different entrance to your store, welcoming customers from various avenues. By strategically aligning your marketing strategies with these different domains, you can tailor your messaging to specific target audiences and increase your visibility in the digital landscape.

A memorable and relevant domain name not only helps potential customers find you easily but also conveys professionalism and trustworthiness. It serves as a powerful marketing tool that can elevate your brand above the competition and solidify your position as a leader in your industry. So, invest the time and effort in choosing the right domain names for your business, and watch as your online presence flourishes, and your sales soar to new heights.

Our tagline is Industry Experience Matters! We all know this to be a true statement, but often settle for less. Recieve more content that resonates with your clients and save money with us!

For over a decade, we have specialized in selling surplus electrical products, boasting a wide network of contacts and multiple platforms for listing your surplus items. Our services include consigning large equipment, bulk electrical products, and featuring consignments in newsletters and on websites. Additionally, we have a substantial social media presence across various platforms, reaching around 50,000 participants in the electrical industry.

Rest assured we will effectively showcase and manage inquiries about your electrical products and equipment, drawing on our extensive experience in the electrical industry. Our sales ads are comprehensive, providing buyers with all the necessary information for a seamless purchasing experience. With a well-established network of buyers and sellers, we have earned a reputation as a trusted and prominent player in the surplus electrical industry.

Our rates vary depending on equipment values and saleability in the range of 5% to 20%.

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