This site is the central product search engine for the entire surplus family and sales site for new turnkey marketplaces. All orders will be redirected to our specific owners sites for purchases.


After creating we realized the same potential to help and enhance many other industries in almost the same way. The problem was how do we do them all not being professionals in every respective Industry and Market?

The solution eventually came to us in the way of This is again a first for Canada enabling other Industry Professionals to own their own Business and site just like The idea to create a Family of TURNKEY Multi-Vendor Marketplace Industry Specific sites that will all benefit from each other is truly innovative. To be able to do so in just 12 weeks ready to business is yet another Industry first in the world of creating Robust Magento Marketplace sites. Think of the possibilities, the seasoned experience of building these sites from the Mother site, plus the support of the entire Family!

We look forward too many new Family member coming onboard and online with us. Don’t wait until its to late to secure your Business site today. For more information and to purchase your site now email [email protected]