This site is the central product search engine for the entire surplus family and sales site for new turnkey marketplaces. All orders will be redirected to our specific owners sites for purchases. Industry Specific Marketplace Sales Business Details

  1. General Business Information
      1. Function and Concepts
        • is the main site and will be the Central Search Engine for all Surplus Industry Specific TURN KEY Multi-Vendor Marketplace websites.
        • is the sales site for all TURN KEY Industry Specific Multivendor Marketplace Business Sites.
        • Model supports Recycling which is in the top 5 for growth of all industry in Canada!
        • Be part of Canada’s newest sustainable tech sector venture which will create hundreds of new jobs across the country.
        • Great for the environment promoting saving millions of tons of sellable, reusable and hard to find products from going to landfills or just sitting in yards and fields across Canada creating Environmental issues.
        • All sites will be Multivendor Marketplaces and be able to accommodate unlimited vendors, buyers and products.
        • Target market is surplus new and used, we do believe however many new non-surplus products will be on the sites. The Audiences will be Industry Specific. The name or word “Surplus” will draw industry specific buyers in looking for “deals”. Vendors will be able to take advantage of the draw from both for buyers.
      2. Slogans
        • GREEN FOR FREE
        • Canada’s own Industry specific marketplace business family.
        • One Businesses Surplus is Another Businesses Treasure
        • One Persons Surplus is Another Person’s Treasure
        • Industry Specific Sites Built by Industry Professionals for Industry Professionals
        • Engaged Industry Specific Audiences Increase Sales .
        • Surplus has many uses….creativity will drive our market.
      3. Nuts and Bolts
        • Surplus central will be referred to as the Mother site and all others as Child sites.
        • All sites will have a direct link to the central site and provide access via API with capability to search all sites from Surplus Central as we grow.
        • We will sell 100% of every Domain and Industry Specific Multivendor Marketplace Business sites to an Industry Professional for each specific industry. This is key to ensure our Buyers know they are being looked after. There will be a unique franchise agreement with a very low percentage of all sales going to Surpluscentral for marketing.
        • Sales Agreements will have details and policies about conforming to the model. The benefits will far outweigh the policies!
        • The same robust business structure will be used for all sites to give them the same feel and make them all function the same for ease of use by clients and vendors on multiple sites as required. We will end up with some of the same vendors on multiple sites. For example, facility owners may have a range of industry specific products Our sites will all be templated for functionality, enjoy our copyrighted customizations and look. The BRANDING power of our family will be significant!
        • All sites will be linked via Surpluscentral, anyone searching for products can get a list of available products on each of our sites from Surpluscentral. Searches will provide items and Domains or marketplaces in our family they are on, at that point the buyers can click on the product and will be redirected to that members Industry Specific marketplace.
        • Each Domain or marketplace will be sold to a Professional in that industry. Built by an Industry Specific Professional for Industry.
        • We will provide the TURNKEY site completed and ready to do business. Once it is completed and turned over to the new owner all structural changes etc. must be approved by going forward. All changes will be by our developer, we have excellent rates established for our sites. We also want to ensure all new and innovative changes can easily be duplicated for all site owners if they want to have them added to their Marketplace. They will be offered at a greatly reduced rate. All changes will be priced by the developer for bulk implementation.
        • Owners will be directly involved in the final construction of their sites, after all they will know best how to build the URL structure for their specific industry. We will directly manage and oversee all projects with the Developer for the final construction. We know and understand the systems and how to construct the sites without cost overruns and delay. This will not overwhelm you with work during the final construction of your site. We have template documents for your use to assist with providing what we require, fast and simple!
        • Training will be provided via manuals, webinars and phone support.
        • The combined ideas of all owners will make everyone’s sites better, great ideas will be offered to all site owners. These will be very inexpensive to initiate as the sites will all be very similar. Many new ideas as well as successes from individual sites will be simply cut and pasted to all sites that want the changes as they occur! These will be managed by They will be implemented by and all fees for them will be paid to Imagine the possibilities! Many minds make for Greatness! Businesses helping businesses to succeed.
        • All sites will indeed complement each other in searches, there will of course be some overlap. Main URL’s will be monitored to keep the overlap to a minimum. We provide the main URL suggestions for each Marketplace for you to gain a better understanding of what your Marketplace will be selling. A work truck could be for sale in 2 or 3 marketplaces. Electrical, Mechanical and construction Vendors may all have work trucks for sale. They all may be different but will still be trucks. Or they may be in when it is up and running in the work truck section.
        • We may provide take back financing options for some of the deals. Terms and conditions will apply.
        • We are continually leveraging many levels of Government as well as Environmental Agencies across Canada for support.
        • We are continually applying for grants to assist with marketing on behalf of all owners.
        • We are developing a Certificate Program for Environmental Stewardship and will provide certificates to Site Owners and Vendors as well as maybe even buyers for different levels of achievement.
  2. Revenue Streams
    • Commission rates from 5% to 25% on the backend of all sales through the site. This varies dramatically as you may do nothing for a Vendor whom uses the site, or you may do everything for the seller including listing and shipping their surplus. Commission rates are easy to change and can be set for individual client’s requirements or to reflect a special agreement for large Vendors with just a couple of clicks.
    • Very small listing fees up front from $.25 to $10.00, these can easily be deleted, modified or offered for free with specific dates for sales promotion events.
    • Advertising by third parties on all sites will be at the discretion of and the individual site owners. We do not want to clutter the experiences of using our Families surplus sites with banners and adds.
    • Site owner’s own sales. Owners may choose to purchase items from other sources and put them on their sites for resale.
    • We will hold annual sales conferences to discuss our achievements and ideas.
  3. Expenses
    • Initial Purchase price.
    • Marketing will be very effective and powerful for the entire Family. We will be able to secure great bulk rates!
    • Server Space will be owned by and shared with the family at discounted rates. The Servers will be managed by our developers.
    • Maintenance requirements will be subcontracted to our developer at greatly reduced pre-negotiated rates.
    • Ongoing changes and improvements to be completed by our developer again at greatly reduced Family discounts.
    • Staff requirements will be very minimal to start. Owners can literally run the sites themselves until they get going if they choose too.
    • SEO will be looked after by our developers at greatly reduced family rates.
    • Group rates for Infusionsoft CRM marketing software with the ability to share Marketing Campaigns and many other resources and ideas. Infusionsoft API integration is included in the sale price.
    • A living wage until your site is up and running with enough business to sustain your financial requirements.
    • All expenses will be greatly reduced with our combined leverage created by more and more sites as we grow. We will always negotiate the very best possible rates for the Family.
  4. Pay it Forward Initiatives
    • When any site reaches gross monthly sales volumes more than $75,000 for 3 consecutive months 3% of commissions earned will be donated to non-profit initiatives decided upon by each site owner and approved by