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Welcome to Surplus Central, Canada's only Multivendor Marketplace Business Family

Surplus Central is a marketplace family helping businesses and vendors engage their industries one turnkey marketplace at a time. Experience, branding, marketing and collaboration are our strengths.

We are sustainable tech business selling turnkey industry specific multivendor marketplaces c/w domain names. Creating fully functioning e-commerce businesses in just 12 weeks fulfilling the dreams and ambitions of Canadians one marketplace at a time.

You too can own one of Canada's first industry specific multivendor marketplaces and engage your industry specific audience. The marketing power and innovation potential of our diverse business family will be unstoppable. Many great business minds collaborating together make for unlimited economic impact and potential.

Together we will create a new standard by engaging industry specific audiences making us far more effective than the marketplace alternatives out there today. Industry professional sites owned, constructed and managed for the industries they represent.

Together we will become the most recognized brand in Canada. We will grow and prosper as owners along with our many vendors and buyers. We will benefit everyone whom utilizes our platforms.

We will facilitate new, used and reconditioned product and equipment sales into GREEN FOR FREE. Together we will create a better sustainable world and supercharge the circular economy in Canada. We will greatly reduce and impact tons of products currently going to landfills and recycling facilities. We will also become the preffered industry specific platform for new products and equipment sales.

Join our family today, be inspired, inspire others and let’s make a difference together. The sky is the limit! Check out our fully functional model in


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From the first time you contact us we will always be there for you. We will help you to grow your business to its full potential!


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We will configure your new Business Site with STRIPE.Secure and fast. They also provide free instant payment splitting for your commission portion and the balance goes to your Vendor.



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Your new business site will be configured for custom return options. Makes it clear and easy to deal with returns for your Vendors, Buyers and you.