This site is the central product search engine for the entire surplus family and sales site for new turnkey marketplaces. All orders will be redirected to our specific owners sites for purchases.

Report A Problem

We take issues and problems with our site very seriously. There are many different things that can constitute reporting a problem to us. The types of problems to report in this section may include the following.

  • Broken links are a problem that happens from time to time. The site is always being improved, added to and worked on. If you ever click on a link that goes nowhere this is what a broken link is. Please report it ASAP.
  • Spelling and grammar errors are less of an issue but do also happen. Please note this does not include errors in people’s listings, we cannot control or change these. This does however include any issue on our main sites structure.
  • Advertising Adds including Marketing are not allowed and must be reported immediately. We have chosen at this time to not allow any advertising or marketing adds on our site.
  • Any other issues.any of our users may deem as a problem!