This site is the central product search engine for the entire surplus family and sales site for new turnkey marketplaces. All orders will be redirected to our specific owners sites for purchases.


  1. Own one of Canada’s only Industry Specific Multivendor Marketplaces. We are Canada's only sustainable tech business selling turnkey industry specific multivendor marketplaces c/w domain names. Creating fully functioning e-commerce businesses in just 12 weeks fulfilling the dreams and ambitions of Canadians one marketplace at a time.

  1. We will soon be the #1 Sustainable Tech Family of Businesses in Canada.

  1. Together we will create hundreds of new businesses and jobs across Canada.

  1. Every Site will support unlimited Vendors/Sellers, Products and Buyers. Our platform is very Robust.

  1. Your new Industry specific site will far outperform and engage the target industry of choice far better than any other multivendor marketplace alternatives that are out there now.

  1. The cost to do business on all our new sites is very low for access to an engaged industry specific audience across Canada. The operation costs are also very low creating great earning potential for owners, vendors and will also save buyers money. The power of our Family will always keep our costs low.

  1. You too can own one of Canada's first industry specific multivendor marketplaces and engage your industry specific audience. The marketing power and innovation potential of our diverse business family will be unstoppable. Many great minds make for unlimited economic impact and potential.

  1. We will create a think tank of ideas and be able to share within our business Family, so we can all prosper together. We will easily and quickly able to implement enhancements and revenue generating customizations to all our sites.

  1. We will manage the construction of your new Marketplace business sites and guide you to its completion with our templates and expertise. You only deal with us, we will keep the project development team and delivery on time, but more importantly on budget!

  1. Every business has surplus, if they don’t it was probably just thrown away or dropped at a recycling depot and usually cost’s the business money to do so. Turning new, used and reconditioned products into GREEN FOR FREE rather than millions of tons going to landfills and recycling facilities.

  1. Everyone wants to be environmentally responsible, but the costs are usually prohibitive both short and long term. All our new Surplus sites will generate revenues rather than costs for our vendors as well as save buyers money.

  1. All sites offer several ways to sell products, one by one which will generate top dollar returns for products. Small groups of products which will generate less return but still produce reasonable returns with less effort. Large lots require very little effort to sell and will generate good bulk sale returns. The big advantage on our will be the Industry specific audience across Canada.

  1. You have the option of creating your own surplus warehouse business as well as supporting many others.

  1. Generate additional revenues by doing vendors listings for them, we can with the click of our mouse set custom Commissions rates for vendors. This also enables you to do annual contracts with large users and offer custom commission rates.

  1. Our vendors can be anonymous if they wish on our sites and blow surplus out to a wide industry specific audience. Masking of messages in Chat on all sites for inquiries prevents anyone from getting your vendors email addresses or personal information.

  1. Our sites will virtually eliminate dealing with lowball offers and the hassle of tire kickers.

  1. Dealers can list products and greatly increase their exposure to industry specific audiences across Canada on our sites.

  1. Dealers will be able to make purchases, place offers and bid on products they may not have had access to before across Canada on all our sites.

  1. Our NEW Product Requests update will make it easier for vendors and buyers to connect and greatly benefit both parties. This will drive traffic to our sites.

  1. Industry specific audiences for new products offering engaged broad market exposure and sales for our target audiences.

  1. Robust Stripe Payment Portal with the flexibility large organizations require with multiple branches. Get set up in minutes. Payment splitting for our commissions at the point of sale. The vendors receive a transaction receipt showing the commission paid to the site, taxes for all Canadian Provinces, shipping and what their deposit will be on every Invoice. The deposits are quick and seamless.

  1. Once a vendor adds an item on it never leaves the site even when it sells out, simply top up the quantity and it goes live again. Our Intuitive product listing page virtually fills out the information for you and our vendors.

  1. Easy to manage, instant emails for everything to do with orders and inquiries. Admin staffing is very minimal.

  1. Multiple shipping options including local pickup only for those whom don’t want to ship or large items that me even need to be removed. Free shipping, real cost shipping and flat rate shipping also available.

  1. Specify product return conditions and enter warranty information as applicable.

  1. Diverse product condition menus to eliminate any issues with product misrepresentations on all our sites.

  1. ALL vendors are screened and must be approved to sell by us owners, buyers can purchase with confidence as our vendors understand what it is they are selling.

  1. We have over 26 years of business experience always just a click or call away!