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Surplus Mechanical

Surplus Mechanical


To Brad’s surprise Russ had a remarkably similar idea to build exactly what Brad had! He had the general concepts right down to the estimates to build what he envisioned. Brad showed Russ the surplus electrical platform he had built and all its features. There were bonus features already built in to the Surplus central platform that Russ had not thought of, and Russ also offered up additional ideas to make the platform better.

A deal was made for far less than Russ was quoted to build from scratch and the first Multivendor Marketplace Agreement was drafted up at the lawyers. Russ is actively involved in the surplus family and wants to do an upgrade this year. The platform is continually improving, and new features are added as each additional family member comes on board. It is the collaboration of owners and users alike that drives change and improvements to our already robust platforms!

Upgrades are not mandatory, and it is up to all owners if they want the new features and layouts as they are released. The nice part about it is the more family members that upgrade the less it costs everyone! Surplus central management collects data from all stakeholders and lets everyone know when innovative ideas are put on the table for consideration, then development, and finally when they are available for implementation.